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The divorce legal process is a complex, stressful one for most people. The end of a marriage is a development that, once upon a time, we never thought possible. But when that outcome becomes reality, adding legal and financial considerations to a jumble of emotions, the steadying influence of an experienced divorce attorney can cushion the blow, and make you feel less overwhelmed.

If you are experiencing this situation in real life, right now, the lawyer who stands ready to assist with all details of your imminent divorce is John L. Mendez in Austin.

Mr. Mendez’s comprehensive knowledge of Texas family law statutes, and strategies for using them to your advantage, is a source of comfort at a trying time. His openness to your ideas brings you peace of mind that your issues are in capable hands. The one-on-one personal service you receive, start to finish, is there to buoy your spirits and make you feel special.

Are you at odds with your spouse over access to the children of your relationship?

Are you fearful of losing ownership of marital assets that are rightfully yours?

Are you unclear as to financial support responsibilities after your divorce?

John L. Mendez strives to guide you to positive results for all of these situations — custody and visitation, property division and many more.

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